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Tara launches new web site.

Without trying to confuse anyone, Tara reveals that she is also known as Gabrielle Crofts.

Tara is her professional name and at times Tara has used her real name due to the circumstances that she is helping with.

Tara has over 21 years of experience as a clairvoyant, medium, psychic. She has done platform Mediumship work, one on one readings, group work; advised professionals, companies, government ministers and their delegates.

Tara has made many TV appearances and been involved on radio shows where callers can ask questions whilst Tara is in the studio and also whilst Tara has been at home, through a link up.

Tara has travelled internationally and offered her services for free, as long as her accommodation and expenses are covered.

Tara has worked on cold murder cases, and has been successful in locating the bodies of a mother and child that had been missing for two years.


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