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 Gabrielle Crofts in Japan June 2005

Gabrielle Crofts Psychic Detective ( caught on camera being very serious, and determined to find a killer- look out "crim's", she is going to get you!!!!)

Save Our Souls Programme, on TV ASAHI Japan. The Gentleman is world famous Dream Detective Chris Robinson from UK whom Gabrielle is highly respectful of his extraordinary abilities and skills.

 Picture: Gabrielle Crofts arriving at Narita Airport for emergency Psychic Intervention, pictured with her is Media Coordinator Duglass Hocking from Sydney..


Gabrielle Crofts Psychic Detective on the Show TV ASAHI SAVE OUR SOULS. Featured is the case she was working on in Okayama Japan. A young girl stabbed to death -the perpetrator Tara believes is a teenager who lives in the local area within 250 metres of the house.

Gabrielle wears silk veils of assorted colour for purely psychic protection reasons. It is not for use as a religious statement whatsoever. Gabrielle Crofts is a devout and deeply spiritual Catholic.


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